Friday, January 28, 2011

Cosmo Bag Finish

Let me start by saying this was the most challenging sewing project I have taken on, to date. And I ROCKED it! (No modesty here, folks.) This is the first project I have done from a book/pattern that didn't have a PDF tutorial with it. I really like those PDF tutorials. They take the guess work out of sewing (at least most do). Following the instructions for this bag were a bit confusing at times (I chalk it up to being a true blue beginner), but all in all it wasn't so bad. However, it was very tedious. Cutting all the pattern pieces for both fabric and interfacing and then fusing them together took forever. As in a whole day. Then there was the sewing, clipping curves and pressing, which took another day and a half. Total time spent: 2.5 days, but totally worth it. What do you think?

This bag is HUGE, which happens to be what I am needing in a diaper bag. Yes, I do have diaper bags, but none of them are big enough. If this bag isn't big enough then Delilah will have to start carrying her own stuff. I can't wait to put it to use!

Now on to another project with interfacing...a t-shirt quilt. 


Bree said...

I'm glad you stuck with this & you did indeed rock it! I was thinking the same thing about turning this into a diaper bag, the size & all the pockets seem like they would be perfect for it.

Sharon said...

Great job! I love your tag, where did you get those?

baby bird said...

i love, love, LOVE this bag! I want one!!! - Aimi :)