Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Apple a Day

Another layout complete. I was hoping to complete one a week, but it seems that I am lacking a bit of motivation. It seems I can only scrapbook when I have the urge, otherwise I just waste time doing nothing but organizing my hard drive. Glad I had the urge tonight. 

All of the supplies used in this layout came from The kits are Autumn Alpha, Autumn Harvest, and Fall Felties. I used one of their demo layouts as the inspiration to this page. (Not sure who made the original.) This was the first time I have used their products and am very pleased. They were having a great sale. I managed to get all three kits for only $3. A great price for something I can use over and over again. The best thing about digital is I can take these products, tweak them just a bit (i.e, change the colors), and have a brand new look for a different layout. 

I also used Perfect Portrait 2 from It is the perfect action for helping re-touch pictures. Trust me when I say the original photos were ORANGE. My daughter looked like an Oompa Loompa! I don't have the best lighting in my house. 

I am pretty pleased with the look of this layout. I may tweak the position of the tree, but over all I think it is perfect. 

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