Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About Time

I have had the pattern for the Butter Cup Bag, by Made By Rae, printed and on my desk for quite some time. Like MONTHS! I have never made a bag before, so this was a bit intimidating. Then I found the Couturier Mommy blog. She posted a how-to video on making this bag. Perfect! So, I finally dived in.

I was pretty excited when it turned out looking like the original. I used a purple corduroy, I had on hand, and a black and white fabric for lining. Now, I won't be using this bag. First, it is a bit small for me. I like my bags just a touch bigger. Second, it doesn't have the structure I like in bags. I like a stiffer bag. Maybe if there was some interfacing of something it would be better for me. But this is definitely a cute bag for young girls. I am thinking of gifting it to a little girl I know for Christmas. I may add some fun embellishments to the outside, like fabric rosettes in the black and white. All in all this was a great purse to learn on. I can't wait to try other patterns. 

I also finally made more lounge/pj pants for my daughter. The fabric has been hanging on the banister for months as well. Time to put it to use. She should be set for the rest of this season, and hopefully they will last into next year as well. 

Next up on my list: Completing her Doll Quilt! Happy Wednesday!

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