Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Makeover

I have had a very long night of making over this blog. I usually use pre-made templates from sites such as My Style Backgrounds, but I really wanted something more unique, more me. So I set off on the very annoying journey of blog design. 

It has taken me about 5 hours to get what I have so far. Designing was the easy part. I used the same concept I use for Digital Scrapbooking. I used a clip art kit from Jessica Weible of JWIllistrations. I then used coordinating colors to get a simple, but pretty theme. 

My big issues arise when trying to implement my designs into my blog. I consider myself more than a computer novice, but I don't know jack about HTML codes and what not. There are so many helpful tutorials on the internet. Actually, there are just too many it was hard to make sense of it all. I ended up having to use trial and error, with lots and lots of error. Not to worry, I have documented everything that has worked for me so far. Just in case I decide to do this again, or if any of my blogging friends need help. 

I am pretty happy with the overall design so far. I may tweak some things here and there, but NOT tonight. I would love to know what you think! Leave some love in the comments!

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Madame Samm said...

Hi Kera, I am now a new follower...have to help in building your list..your blog is lovely..your wee dress is--- you are right both adorable.
You left a comment on my blog for the I will keep dropping in...hope to see you again..blessings madame samm