Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wish List

Does anyone else have a Wish List? I know I do, and it grows daily. Lately, I have had my eye on two items that I can't have...YET.

First, a. Lately, I have been making clothes for my daughter, and this bad boy Serger would make things easier and cleaner. I know I won't be getting this anytime soon, due to my recent purchase of my wonderful sewing machine, but a girl can always dream.

I have also just received an email from Adobe, announcing their new Photo Shop Elements 9, for Mac. As a digital scrapper, this makes me drool. I am currently using PSE 6 and somethings just drive me crazy. I tried out PSE 8 and really loved the improvements. I was going to purchase PSE 8, but decided to save the money for my sewing machine. Glad I did! Looks like I'm going to be test driving this soon.

Anything out there that you are wishing hard for?

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Melissa said...

Buy a serger, save your pennies, look under couch cushions. I just bought a serger about a month ago, I did a lot of research on reviews, and I wanted that machine till I read all the reviews. I ended up buying a Janome My Lock 204D and I love it. (I think it was about 250 on amazon) It took about 15-20 minutes to figure it out and then I was serging away. I have made 2 costumes, a couple of skirts and 4 or 5 pillow cases. It was great sewing all the "princess" fabrics. ;-)