Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Project

I have had some dress tutorials from Make Me Pretty Designs on for about a month now. I have even had the fabric to make the Puff Sleeve Sundress. Alas, I have been too intimidated to try it out. The only dress (actually only clothing, ever) I have made is the Pillowcase Dress, which is super easy. Well, this weekend I finally decided it was time to stop staring at the fabric and put it to use. I printed out my tutorial and got to work.

Let me tell you, it was FUN! I really enjoyed the entire process. It is very satisfying to start with a piece of fabric and end with an adorable dress.



I should tell you that I did have a few problems arise while making this dress. First being the measurements didn't quite work for my daughters size. She isn't your average chunky toddler. I didn't notice the issue until the top was completed and it was HUGE! There was no way I was going to start over so I just made a new seam between the front and back of the sleeve to take it in. It's not perfect, but it works and looks fine to me. The skirt of the dress also proved to be rather large, so before I attached it to the top I just trimmed it down to the size I wanted and made a new side seam. I noted all this on my pattern for future use.

I also found it a bit difficult to get on and off D (mostly off). In the tutorial it shows you how to make a slit in the skirt, to match up with the slit on the back of the top, to help with this. I didn't think it was necessary, as it said it was optional, but I will definitely do it for future dresses.

None of these issues discouraged me. Truth be told, I'm glad these issues did arise because they were a learning experience that will help me with future projects. I am also feeling more and more comfortable with my sewing machine as I accomplish each project. (BTW: I love the overlock foot on my machine!!!)

I'll leave you with some pics of D in the dress. She wasn't particularly happy to be modeling. It was right before lunch and she was getting fussy.

Isn't she ADORABLE!?!?!



Anonymous said...

Very cute, Kera! You did a great job! As you go, you'll learn how to adjust your stuff to fit little D! She is so cute in that dress too! Keep up the good work! ~ Aimi :)

Emmy said...

Love it! I especially love the last picture where she is looking at you like "ok, enough already mom".

P.S. Where do you find these cute layouts for your blog?

Emily S.

Kera said...

Thanks Aimi!

Emily, I got this particular layout from My Style
I am actually about to create my own. It will be my next project!

Kristie said...

Very cute! Now that you have another dress under your belt, I am sure you will be addicted!

Visiting from Quilt Story, thanks for sharing!

Dree said...

So cute! Love the prints you chose.

Visiting from Quilt Story.

Quiltstory said...

She is cute! And a great little dress for sure. I love the back. Thanks for linking up on Fabric Tuesdays, see you next week! :)